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Compensation for Jews from Arab countries

1 February 2001

I read with pleasure the latest issue of "The Scribe" and I want to congratulate you on both the design and the packaging.

I do want to call your attention, Naim, to the matter of compensation for property. Before I resigned as Co-Chairman of WOJAC, I approved the decision that was published and sent to the Foreign Ministry of Israel. If a situation should arise, wherein the State of Israel should agree to balance the claims of Jews from Arab countries against the claims of the Palestinians for properties left in Israel, then it is clear that compensation is due to Jews from the Arab countries, and that this compensation will be the burden on the budget of the State of Israel.

A second issue is that it is not true WOJAC is only interested demanding the rights of Israeli citizens. The opposite is true. WOJAC is concerned with all the people who have left property in the Arab countries, whether they are in Israel or in other countries.

Another thing is that it is most important not to create confrontations between the Jews from Arab countries and the Palestinians. The solution that I have proposed for the last ten years is that there should be an international fund that would compensate all those who have legitimate claims, whether they be Palestinians or Jews from Arab countries. The suggestions of former President of the U.S., Mr Clinton, is a wise one that would answer this need. That is, that eight wealthy countries, and in this I include the wealthy Arab countries and the State of Israel, would create a fund for this purpose.

I enclose a research paper by ITAMAR LEVIN concerning Jewish properties in Arab countries.

Chairman of the Centre

Mordechai Ben-Porat



According to the research paper by Itamar Levin mentioned in the above letter, the top estimate of Jewish assets left behind in Iraq amounts to $4 billion in today’s value.

The policy of the Israeli government ever since 1951 concerning the Jewish assets left behind in Iraq is stated in Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett declaration at the Knesset on 19 March 1951 vis: "The government of Israel notifies the appropriate UN institutions, that we will reckon the value of Jewish property frozen in Iraq in making the account of the compensation we have undertaken to pay Arabs who have abandoned property in Israel."

The Jewish community of Iraq as a whole have also a right to claim a share of the wealth of the country they were forced to leave.


Naim Dangoor’s reply to Mr Ben-Porat:

Thank you for your letter explaining the position of WOJAC, which we shall include in The Scribe.

The question remains that if Jews from Arab countries are entitled to compensation from funds personally held by Israel, why do they have to wait until the whole generation is dead?


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