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Dear Mr Dangoor

It is with pleasure that we are informing you that the General Assembly of WOJAC, in its meeting of 3.10.2000, elected the Honorable Moshe Shachal, former Cabinet Minister and Member of Knesset, as Chairman of the Presidium of the Organisation. Advocate Moshe Shachal immigrated to Israel from Iraq, served as Member of Knesset for 29 years, as Deputy Speaker of the House for ten years and was in office as Cabinet Minister for 12 years with four governments - as Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Minister of Communication and of Minister of Internal Security; he also fulfilled the role of Permanent Observer at the Council of Europe and as Permanent Representative at the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Currently he is head of one of the leading law firms in Israel.

We hope to convene an international conference in the course of the year 2001, with the participation of the representatives of WOJAC worldwide, in order to outline the policy and ways of action of the Organization in Israel and throughout the world concerning the claims of the Jews originating from Arab countries for their property that was confiscated and expropriated when they left their countries of origin due to persecution and threat to their life and safety. The Organisation will claim compensation on behalf of the Jews originating from Arab countries worldwide for suffering, oppression and the loss of communal and private property abandoned in their countries of origin.

The Organisation will appeal to public opinion in the United States and the rest of the democratic world and demand that the rights of Jews from Arab countries be ensured and realised.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Shimon Avizemer

Copy: The Honorable Moshe Shachal, Chairman of the Presidium
Mr Oved Benozair, Chairman of the World Executive

13 November 2000

Dear Mr Shachal

First, let me congratulate you on your election as Chairman of the Presidium of WOJAC, especially after WOJAC first decided to fold up and put the organisation into liquidation. Now that WOJAC has now come back from the cold I, as a member of the Presidium, feel a bit confused. Please let me know what the aim is in reviving WOJAC, who is financing this revival, is it going to be a tool of the Israeli government to cancel the claims of the Palestinians? If so can that set-off include the property of Jews from Arab countries who never went to Israel? If not, who is going to look after the claims from Jews of Arab countries who never went to Israel?

I have been in touch with Judge Avraham Sofaer regarding such claims but now the whole matter is again in the melting pot. Where do we go from here? Are our claims going to be in millions or in billions? Whom are we going to claim against?

Kindly let me know in order to satisfy my curiosity.

Naim Dangoor



Thank you for your letter of 13 November 2000.

I was asked by my good friends to be the Chairman of the Presidium of WOJAC after the last Camp David peace talks where the question of the refugees, from both sides, was included in the agenda, and President Clinton declared that all refugees, Arabs and Jews should be compensated.

We asked the Government of Israel, and the Jewish Agency, to support WOJAC and to finance its activities for the next year.


M. Shachal – Adv
M Shachal & Co Law Offices


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