Issue 71 - April 1999



Letters to The Scribe

Pictures from Happy Occasions

One Generation Passeth Away, and Another Generation Cometh

Celebrating the Millenium

Thoughts and Afterthoughts

God of Civilisation

Israel's 50 years of Independence

Netanyahu's Hope for the Future of the Middle East


A pattern for the Middle East - by Benyamin Netanyahu

The Road to Peace

Israel, Jordan and Turkey in a Middle East Alliance

The Future of Israel - by Salim Khabbaza

Jewish Assets in Iraq I - Article by Mordechai Ben-Portat

Jewish Assets in Iraq II - Article by Shlomo Hillel

Baghdad in Former Times

Gathering of Shanghai Sephardic Community

S.F. Sephardi will share Shanghai Ties

Shanghai restores a lost Synagogue

Shanghai Jews as seen by Chinese



Dr. Gourgey Raby

The Late Lily Shohet Moshe

Yusuf Meer

Edward Saleh Mahlab

Selim Obadiah


The Joseph Peress Diving Suit

Visit to Polack's House - by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Levy

Celebrations in Georgia - by Percy S. Gourgey, MBE

Response to letter from Mr. E. Raby (Issue 70) - from Edward Yamen


The Baghdad Hangings, Baghdad 1969 :

30th Anniversary of Iraqi Jews executed in Baghdad in 1969

Iraqi Jewish Martyrs 30th Anniversary - speech by Percy Gourgey, MBE

Abu Zuhair Speaks out about his experience of Imprisonment and Torture

Address by Meer Basri

Baghdad Butchery


The Jews of Arabia - Condensed from lecture by Lucien Gubbay

My Father (I wish I had known him better) - by Commander Fred Solomon Sopher I.N. RET'D

To our Children - by Meer Basri

The Jewish Genealogical Society - by Victor Ozair M.Sc. P.E.

Seeking Information - from Shmuel Yossef and David Gladstone

Baghdad Customs - by Eileen Khalastchy


Book Reviews :

A Nostalgic Trip into the History of the Jews of Iraq

The Gift of the Jews - by Thomas Cahill

Anatomy of the Spirit - by Caroline Myss

Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui - by Karen Kingston

On Being a Jewish Christian - by Hugh Montefiore

My Affair with Christianity - by Lionel Blue

In The Beginning - by Professor Nathan Aviezer

The Quagmire - by Emil Murad

Babylonian Jewish Customs - by Dr. Abraham Ben-Yaacob

The Complete Shulhan Aruch

Primo Levi : Tragedy of an Optimist - by Myriam Anissimov

Professor Shmuel Moreh - Autobiography and Poetry



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