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The Quagmire

by Emil Murad

This is the author's story of his life in Iraq, his daring, illegal immigration to Eretz Israel, and of his early years in the Jewish homeland. He bases much of his story on a diary and memoirs, as well as on historical events in Iraq and in Israel as he experienced and understood them.

The book begins in the 1930's, when Emil lived with his family in an exclusive well-to-do neighbourhood in Baghdad. It was an era when Arabs and Jews co-existed side by side, in the Middle East in relative peace and prosperity. As Emil grew into a young boy, the political situation deteriorated dramatically, culminating into the infamous Pogrom of Rashid Ali. This was the beginning of the end for the ancient Jewish community in Iraq. As the establishment of the state of Israel drew near, more and more Jews fled from increasing oppression in Iraq to the freedom of the Jewish homeland.

The author is especially fascinated by the Kurds of Iraq, and describes his travels into Kurdistan with amazing clarity. The Kurds, like the Jews, yearned for a country of their own in which they could control their own destiny. With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the Jews fulfilled this dream. The Kurds did not, and are brutally oppressed to this day under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

In this book, Emil Murad shares honestly and without censorship his knowledge, experiences, and insights along with his innermost thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. It is a delightful and informative book, worthy reading both for those who wish to learn more about Middle East history, and for those who simply wish to be entertained. Either way, the reader will not be disappointed.

Copies can be obtained from the author:

Emil Murad

P.O. Box 20790

Tel-Aviv 61207


Price: $40 including air mail.


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