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My name is Shmuel Yossef. I made Aliyah over 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia. I am pursuing any information concerning my great-grandfather: Shaul Yossef Saeed, A"H. He was born in Baghdad in 1868 (or 1869). He migrated with his children (including my grandfather Reuben Joseph, A"H) to Rangoon, Burma in 1908. In 1935 (or 1936) he made Aliyah and passed away on Shabbath, 26 Teveth 5701 (25 January 1941) in Yerushalayim at the age of 72. He is buried on Har Hazeitim, (Mount of Olives), but none of the family know the location of his grave. He lived in the "Mekor Baruch" neighbourhood of Yerushalyim. I would like to know:

a. The exact location of his grave (if anyone knows); b. Anyone who may have known him while he was in Yerushalyim, in the "Mekor Baruch" neighbourhood; c. Anyone who may have known him, either from Baghdad, Burma or Israel; d. If any of his brothers or sisters, nephews, etc that may have come directly to Israel (or migrated to any other place) from Baghdad. i.e., does anyone know anybody with the surname "Saeed," or whom had this surname but changed it - and who originates from Baghdad. e. Moreover, he had a son Moshe (or Moussa) Joseph or Moshe Saeed, who returned to Baghdad from Rangoon, Burma around 1923. Did anyone know him as well, either in Rangoon or Baghdad?

Anyone with the above or additional information concerning Shaul Yossef Saeed or his son Moshe, please contact me.

Shmuel Yossef

Rehov Pinas Lavon, 43

Netanya, Israel 42701

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I'm looking for a Goorji... My cousin Ellen Goorji, daughter of Naim, lived in Montreal in her youth until Teen years, then she went to England, where apparently, she married a Publisher, I believe... I would like to hear from anyone who knows her whereabouts.

David Philip Gladstone

Independent Financial & Insurance Services

President IFIS


Office: 514 484 7586




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