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The Baghdad Hangings, Baghdad 1969


On Wednesday 27 January 1999, a commemoration service was held at the Lauderdale Road Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, London, in memory of the nine innocent Jews publicly executed in the main Baghdad Square. Over 200 people attended the Memorial Service, including representatives of the Israeli Embassy and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.


Arbit service, Psalm 121, Psalm 137.

Addresses by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Levy; Percy Gourgey MBE, Chairman of the Jews of Arab Lands Committee;

Memorial Poem composed and read by Meer S. Basri; Hashcaba, Lighting of Memorial Candles, Shofar, Adon Olam.

The importance of this event is that these Martyrs were killed not by terrorists or by mobs but by the Iraqi authorities themselves, in an attempt to create a reign of terror in the country.

Names of Jews executed by the Iraqi Authorities and others missing without trace, presumed killed by the Secret Police.

Yacoub Abdel Aziz (Solicitor)

Ezra Gahtan

Salim Gahtan

Jacob Rejwan

Shaoul Rejwan

Shaoul BaroukhShamash

Azzouri Shamash

Dr. Ezra Khazzam

Albert Yehouda Nounou

Naji Saat

Ishak Dellal

Ezra Naji Zilkha

Heskel Saleh Shayek

Daoud Ghali Yedgar

Naim Khadhoury Hilali

Sabah Hayim Dayan

Daoud Dellal

Fouad Gabay

Yacoub Gourji Namerdi

Charles Raphael Horesh

Ezzouri Yacoub Joory

Daoud Zubaida

Nessim Yaeer

Akram Sion Baher

Ibrahim al-Sayegh

Victor Abu Daoud

Salim Sadka

Naji Chitayat

Naim Salman Fattal

Shoua Aziz al-Baqal

Yehouda Khdhoury Tweg

Rahma Khdhoury Tweg

Aliza Khdhoury Tweg

Naji Ezra Queshqoush + wife Suad Queshqoush

Shoua Soffer

Reuben Ezra Queshqoush (with his wife, 2 sons and daughter, the other daughter was saved because she was at College, but returned home to find her family missing and blood all over the house).

Sion Gourji Salman (Abu Sami)

Moshe Ephraim Moshi

Yacoub Atrakchi


PS: The first to disappear Yacoub Abdel Aziz on 14 September, 1972 it was Yom Kippur. He was last seen having bought a chicken for the fast, but did not turn up at the Synagogue, and the Queshqoush family were the last to be killed in their home on 12 April 1973.

David Dangoor lighting a candle on behalf of his father Naim Dangoor


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