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To Our Children

by Meer Basri


O children we love and cherish,

Remember us when we are gone.

Grow to be good men and women,

Live all together and not alone.


You will live to see a new world,

Novel inventions and conventions.

But moral values stay as of old,

Social ties and true intentions.


We hope you will thrive in peace,

Under a sky benign and clear.

No wars, but tenderness and bliss,

In a family well-knit and dear.


A new era for you will open,

Work and play, travel and leisure.

West and East with links unbroken,

No misery in sane pleasure.


Broaden your mind, brace your heart,

Marvel at the noble Creation.

The world is but a tiny part,

Of God's Universe with no cessation.


Do your daily task, great or small,

Do not covet riches or glory.

Money is a means, not a goal,

And laugh at the end of the story.


Serve Society, live in harmony,

Among many friends and with no foes.

This is our legacy to you,

A community gentle and close.



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