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Memories by Renee Dangoor

The Kindness of Clark Gable

She was pregnant with her third child, and boarded a B.E.A. plane for Paris, where she was to meet her husband. Walking down the aisle she spotted Clark Gable, sitting next to an empty seat. She took the opportunity to sit there.
In a few minutes they were talking - she, of the acting career she had been advised to try for, after doing some amateur work - which she would have loved, but felt she had missed. He of his hard work as a carpenter for twelve years before he had any success and his feeling that having a child was the greatest pleasure in life.
During the trip the weather was bad, and the plane darted endlessly up and down. The mother felt more and more airsick, until she could restrain herself no longer. The perfect gentleman next to her noticed immediately, and quickly took out a brown paper bag from the seat pocket in front, and held it for the woman in distress. It was a very embarrassing moment for her, but she was made aware of his inherent kindness. This also showed by his consoling of her wish to be an actress, by describing it as a hard job like any other profession, and not as glamorous as it may seem.
It was ironical and sad for her to read in the papers a few years later, that his third wife was pregnant with his first son, when he had a sudden heart attack and died - never seeing his only son, who would have been his greatest pride.
Her husband was waiting on arrival and was glad to have the opportunity to thank Mr Gable for his kindness.


Of course Prince Charles is doing a good job for Britain. I heard him speak at a Carmel College twenty-fifth anniversary dinner, and the advice he gave to the youngsters there about respecting and benefiting from the experience of their elders, was a shining example of young wisdom. He should be made to speak more to the youth of today. Afterwards, talking to him personally was a delight. Using that charm when he is abroad makes him a credit to his country. In these days of instability he is the epitome of stability.


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