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The Bondage in Egypt and Anti-Semitism Today
How and why did Jews happen to come under the bondage of Egypt? Also, why the century after century of persecution? What started the whole thing and why does it continue to this day; this whole anti-Semitism thing? more

Mufti Asks Ban on Jewish Emigration as Gesture to Arabs
Berlin, July 27 1944 - Reichsfüehrer: In my letter to you of June 5, 1944, I referred back to our conversation in which I reported to you on the inclusion of Jews in the exchange plan of some Egyptians living in Germany. I asked you, Reichsfüehrer, to take all the measures to prevent the Jews from going. more

Ben-Gurion's address of July 1944
Here is a part of Ben-Gurion’s address, reported by the daily “Davar”, 13 July 1944 which can be selective in recognising facts better than a research or any study. more

The Truth About Palestinians Origin
The Arabs have become so emboldened in their aggressive stance against Israel, that they now claim, and many of them believe, that 1) today’s Palestinians are descendants of the original Canaanites; 2) that the Jewish presence in Canaan was a passing phase – here today, gone tomorrow; 3) that there never was a Jewish or any other temple on Temple Mount; 4) that the Jewish homeland is Iraq and not Palestine. more

Afghan Origin
Descendants of the tribes of AFGHANA. Pakhtun, Pashtun, Pathan, Pukhtoon etc are some other names for Afghan. Their language is Pashto. They are descendants of Hazrat Ibrahim (ABRAHAM). more

Yahya Khan
General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan was born at Chakwal in February 1917. His father, Saadat Ali Khan, was actually from Peshawar. more

The Arabs and the Abars
It is very probable that Arabia was the home of all the Semitic races and the starting point of Semitic culture, in which case the Sumerians, the Phoenecians, the Jews, the Assyrians and the Babylonians could all be classed loosely as "Arabs". more

The Sassoons Return Visit to Baghdad
In September 1910, Mrs Farha Sassoon and her children undertook a trip from Bombay to Baghdad via Basrah. We publish in this issue excerpts from the Hebrew diary kept by Farha’s son David Solomon Sassoon (1880-1942). more

The Staff of Life
Although the Bible starts with the beautiful and moving story of the creation of the universe and the creation of time, Genesis is essentially the story of civilisation which, by definition, started when man settled down to develop agriculture not so long ago. more

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