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The Truth About Palestinians Origin

The Arabs have become so emboldened in their aggressive stance against Israel, that they now claim, and many of them believe, that 1) today’s Palestinians are descendants of the original Canaanites; 2) that the Jewish presence in Canaan was a passing phase – here today, gone tomorrow; 3) that there never was a Jewish or any other temple on Temple Mount; 4) that the Jewish homeland is Iraq and not Palestine.

What are the facts?

The million people that Moses led out of Egypt 3,500 years ago were mainly Canaanite migrant labourers with a nucleus of Israelites who had all been enslaved by the Egyptians, (that is why Moses had trouble with some of their rowdy elements).

All these people spoke the language of Canaan which in due course became the Hebrew language that we know today.

The Palestinians are descendants of the Arabs who came at the Moslem conquest in the seventh century. If they were the descendants of the original Canaanites they would be speaking today Hebrew and not Arabic!






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