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Bombay Reminiscences
I appreciate the reference to my dear late Mother, Hannah, as being a founder-member of the League of Jewish Women (and WIZO) in Bombay before the War, in an article by Sarah Manasseh in the recent issue of The Scribe. more

Hundred Years Young
Ezra Belboul has achieved the magic age of 100, an important milestone hoped for by most people. Mr Belboul is still in good health, walks every day to the Israeli Defence Ministry where he continues his unpaid voluntary work. more

The Tercentenary Celebrations of Bevis Marks Synagogue
On 5 December 2001 British Jewry in general and the Sephardi community in particular celebrated the Tercentenary of Bevis Marks, the first synagogue after the Restoration to be built by the Spanish and Portuguese Jews congregation and was opened in 1701 in the City of London. more

Exhibition of work by Edward Hillel in Manchester
Edward Hillel's project Coming Soon... is an intimate installation which deals with ideas of memory and landscape. The subject of the project is an area of Manchester called Little Ireland, once a hugely important mill site where 40,000 poor people lived and worked during the Industrial Revolution and beyond. more

Opening of the new offices of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
At the opening of the new offices of the Board of Deputies of British Jews at 6 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1 more

Tuberous Sclerosis sufferers received at Downing Street
Tuberous Sclerosis, a debilitating genetic condition which can result in uncontrollable epilepsy, autism and severe learning disabilities. A tea party was hosted recently at 10 Downing Street to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association. more

Kadoorie Family
The Kadoorie family are trying to discover their antecedents and how they came to arrive in China during the late 19th Century. You have the most marvellous photos of that era but you may not have any records to throw light on the family's background. more

Jewish Care Dinner
Jewish Care is one of the top charities of Britain, expending some £45 million annually on the welfare of British Jews. more

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