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The articles in this issue have been divided up into the following categories







International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

I have assigned the following ISSN to:

ISSN 1474-0230

I should be grateful if the ISSN could be

  • printed in all issues of the serial, preferably on the top right-hand corner of the cover in the form given above, i.e. preceded by the letters ISSN with a hyphen separating the two halves of the number
  • quoted in all promotional and descriptive material concerning the serial

I should appreciate it if we might be notified in advance of any change in title, however slight, since this may necessitate the assigning of a new ISSN. I am able to issue numbers in advance of publication once I know the new title and other information such as the proposed date of first issue, the frequency and any relationship with other titles. Serials already in existence can also be assigned ISSN on receipt of either a sample copy of a recent issue or photocopies of relevant pages, such as the title page, contents page, cover, etc.

Paul Bunn

Director, ISSN UK Centre
British Library - London

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