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Thoughts & Afterthoughts – by Naim Dangoor

After Auschwitz All European Culture is Trash

The Holocaust represents a seismic fault-line in the history and culture of Europe, and, as such, it augures a major future quake which would rank very high on the Richter scale.

Nineve of old saved itself by undergoing a complete and sincere repentance, but the nations of Europe are not willing to change their ways. Anti-Semitism, now in the guise of Anti-Semitism or anti-Israel is on the increase. One reason for this state of affairs is that no proper punishment was meted out to fit the crime of the genocide of the Holocaust.

It’s not too late to do so now to punish our enemies. But who are our enemies, seeing that the perpetrators themselves are either dead or dying?

All those who deny the Holocaust, or commit Anti-Semitism, or commit terrorist acts against Jews are indeed our enemies and must be regarded and treated as if they themselves took part in the murder of the Six Million.


He who sacrifices his principles for material gain will, in the end, lose both his principles and his material gain.

* *

Faith goes further and deeper than reason, but Faith must not contradict reason. Religion must adjust to scientific discoveries.


Racism is terrorism. The proper way to deal with it is by counter-terrorism.

* *

Some people sow their wild oats at the start of their careers; others do so at the end of their careers. Both approaches are equally valid, it is all a matter of priorities.


Man's Godly Attributes

99% of what we attribute to "God" is due in fact to the momentum of history and geography. In short, the momentum of nature – the momentum of creation, if you like. (Kismet - Fate).

The other 1% is attributable to the God within us. For when we were created in the image of God we did not only get the outside form but God gave us a spark of love, a spark of justice, a spark of genius, a spark of wisdom, a share of His attributes and it is this God within us that we are trying to assert.

Israel means "one who struggles with the momentum of nature. Islam means to submit to the momentum of nature. Our destiny is to become Gods.

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