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The Uniqueness of the Holocaust

Dear Dr Levene

I have gone through your thesis which you kindly sent us. In reply for your quest on the uniqueness of the Holocaust as distinct from other eruptions of genocides that have taken place since the end of World War II, the Holocaust was unique because:

1) it was not the result of a sectarian war between two communities, but the determined act of a western power which claims high moral values

2) the six million died as hostages for the free world in accordance with Hitler’s threat in 1939

The reason why it took a long time for World Jewry to shout about the Holocaust is the appearance of Holocaust denials. It is becoming as if Neo-Nazi’s will get away with this greatest crime in human history. In my view those who deny the Holocaust should be treated as if they took part in it.

The trouble with the activity of Holocaust education establishments is that they do not bring out these points. Unless they stress these values, any attempt to remember the Holocaust becomes meaningless, a) because not enough Jews are left to say it must not happen again and b) it has been happening again in other countries.

Naim Dangoor



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