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Jewish Genealogical Conference

The 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, the largest event of its kind staged outside the United States, has styled itself "London 2001". Some 1,000 delegates attended, including many of non-Jewish background, reflecting the ethnic mix of the speakers, and testifies to the recent explosion of interest in genealogy. The opening up of the archives of the former Soviet Union countries, advances in genetic technology, law suits over restitution of artworks and other property looted during the Holocaust have all contributed to the expanded nature and boundaries of genealogy.

More than 170 leading academics, historians and scientists from across the world addressed Europe’s largest ever conference on Jewish Genealogy, which was held in London last July. Among the speakers were –

David Dangoor – Babylonian Jewry (Read excerpts of this talk)
Rita Bogdanova and colleagues – Overview of the Holdings of the Latvian State Archives
Lydia Collins – Sephardi Manchester
Professor Yitzhak Kerem – The Jews of Salonika and Greek Jewish Sources
Ilana Tahan – Jewish Genealogical Resources in the British Library
as well as Stephen D Smith MBE, founder and director of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre

The Bible includes much genealogical material, attempting to trace the human family tree from Adam Harishon.
Subsequent lists of who begat whom had to do with the need to trace land titles in Israel in accordance with the way the country was divided and allotted to the various tribes by Moses.

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