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Holocaust Remembrance Day, 27 January

On the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, 27 January, it should be recognised that the Holocaust was not merely a Jewish calamity, but that it had an international political dimension. I believe that the Six Million died not so much as racial victims, but as hostages for the Free World in the hands of Germany, for the following reasons:-

1) In 1939, on the 30 January, in a speech at the Reichstag, Hitler threatened that if World Jewry would again embroil Germany in another world war then all the Jews of Europe would be liquidated.

2) Before the war Hitler co-operated with the Zionists by allowing training camps in Germany for would-be olim to Palestine.

3) During the war, Nazi policy against the Jews did not follow racial lines. Karraite Jews were exempted from the provisions of anti-Jewish policy.

4) Arabs ranked below Jews in Hitler’s racial catalogue, but Egyptians were granted the status of honorary Aryans.

5) Nazi policy followed religious lines after the Konkordat with Pope Pious XII in 1939.

6) At all times, Hitler kept attacking the Jews as capitalists and Communists.

7) The Holocaust also had a strong Palestinian dimension. Up to 1941, Hitler was interested in getting Jews out of Europe. In November 1941, Mufti Amin Husseini metHitler and impressed on him the need of not allowing Jews to leave Europe and thus end up in Palestine, if he wanted to obtain Arab sympathy for his campaigns in Africa and the Middle East. This led to the Wannsee conference of January 1942 which sealed the fate of the Jews of Europe.

8) In 1944 the Jews of Hungary were openly held as pawns to be traded for transport lorries from the Allies.
Realising all the above facts would make it possible for the Holocaust to be remembered for what it is and for the Jews who perished in the Shoah to be honoured as having died for the Free World.

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