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Information Centre
The Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site and Museum
In Jerusalem

Extracts from the Report sent by Gad Ben Ari, Director General

The Information Centre of the Struggle for Jerusalem, established two years ago thanks to a generous donation by the Dangoor family, contains a variety of material on the struggle for Jerusalem from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day.

The information is organised according to the following subjects:

Jerusalem from the beginning of the 19th Century until the British Mandate (1917)

  • The British Mandate (1917-1948)
  • The War of Independence (1947-1948)
  • The divided City (1948-1967)
  • The Six Day War
  • Jerusalem – the united City
  • Jerusalem – the centre for the Jewish people
  • Commemoration and memorial
  • Values – in battle and in daily life


Every week, schoolchildren, youth, families of fallen soldiers and visitors to the Memorial Site make use of the resources at the Information Centre. Students, researchers, tour-guides and the members of the public-at-large who are interested in the period are also served by the Centre and the number of its visitors is constantly growing.

The Information Centre is composed of three complementary sections:

THE STUDY LIBRARY – containing thousands of books, periodicals, brochures and flyers, some bequeathed by such notable personalities as Uzi Narkis and Motta Gur.

THE ARCHIVES – contain a collection of documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, maps, audiotapes and videotapes. Archive materials include soldiers’ eyewitness accounts, materials from study days and other activities held at the site and so forth.

THE COMPUTERISED DATA BANK – is part of the Information Centre, but stands as a project on its own. The material in the library’s other two sections in the process of computerisation and multi-media productions are being developed.


From The Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site and Museum
Dedicated to the Reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, 1967

Thank you for the information you sent us about - The Scribe.

We made this information available to the visitors of our DANGOOR LIBRARY at Ammunition Hill.

We also sent the information to "Yad ben Zvi" - one of the important institutions in Jerusalem, which investigate the History of the Jewish communities around the world.

Jerusalem Yoram Tamir

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