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Toward a Middle East Federation

by Exilarch

The repeated attempts of Arab leaders to unite various countries of the Middle East in a pan-arab Federation shows clearly their imperialist intentions and their ultimate aim of having an empire extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf and beyond. This movement has been fuelled sometimes by pan-Arabism, sometimes by pan-Islamism but the aim is domination. The combinations have been varied: Iraq, Syria and Jordan; Egypt and Syria; Iraq and Jordan; Egypt, Syria and Yemen; Egypt, Libya and Sudan; Egypt, Syria and Libya with Sudan to follow.

Since the end of the First World War, the long term plan to Arabise the Middle-East has been put in motion.

Arab leaders can afford to play this game of power politics because they keep their own people under their heels as most Arab regimes are military dictatorships. Thus Arab leaders gain absolute control of vast oil revenues which they squander on arms and power adventures with complete disregard for the welfare of their people who are kept impoverished and so rendered harmless.





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