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Israeli Statistics

The latest economic figures for the State of Israel show that the Jewish State of Israel is one of the leading five nations in the world in technology. The gross national income reached 110 billion dollars. Israel’s export amounts to 40 billion dollars. The average income per capita was 18 thousand dollars.

Israel’s budget for 2001 is 60 billion dollars "which nearly equals the budgets of all the Arab countries".

Before World War II there were 20 million Jews and two million Moslems in Europe. Now the figures are 20 million Moslems and two million Jews.

According to Mr Ben-Porat there are 305 thousand Iraqi Jews in Israel and elsewhere. Although this figure appears too low, considering that they were over 160 thousand fifty years ago. However, a close scrutiny reveals that the correct figure is not even 305 thousand. The latest official statistics in Israel show that Jews of Iraqi origin number 252 thousand. Add to that 20 thousand in the United States, 8,000 in the UK, 2 thousand in Canada, 2 thousand in Australia and the Far East, we have a total of only 284 thousand!

According to former President Navon, the average number of children for a Jewish family in Israel is only 1.6, not enough even to replace the previous generation, whereas the Palestinians are doubling and re-doubling their members every generation. Add to that, that a million Jews have already left Israel, we can see that there is going to be a serious demographic crisis in Israel in the years to come. But according to Mr Navon, Jews prefer quality to quantity, by which it means that Jews prefer a television, a computer, a motor car and a freezer to more babies.

Just before the Six Day War, Israel was going through a crisis not dissimilar to the present day situation. Jews were leaving the country in great numbers in search of greener pastures, and the joke was that a large notice was affixed at the Ben Gurion airport that the last person to leave, let him please switch off the lights! Let us hope that the present situation will also end up in a political triumph of the magnitude of the Six Day War.


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