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Letter to the Holocaust Centre

Mr Stephen D Smith
The Holocaust Centre
Beth Shalom

Dear Mr Smith

I often wonder what is the significance of the Holocaust to non-Jews, and why do we want to spread news of the Holocaust far and wide? What has the Imperial War Museum to do with the Holocaust?

It has been said that Holocaust education will prevent it from happening again, but there are no millions of Jews left in Europe for a Holocaust. Moreover, genocide activities have been going on in the post-war period in Africa and in Asia.

I believe that the real significance of the six million Jews who were killed by the Germans during the war is that these people died as hostages for the free world. In 1939 Hitler threatened that if World Jewry would embroil Germany in another world war then he would kill all the Jews of Europe. He thus held the Jews as hostages for the free world and they should be remembered and honoured as such, not just as victims of a genocide.

Naim Dangoor







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