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The Struma Affair

by Edward Dangoor

I was amazed to read first in the Jewish Chronicle and then in The Scribe the abracadabra story of The Struma as related by Joel Ives. Is he that innocent or ignorant about the true story or is he acting in order to promote his book or articles.

The facts about the Struma is that it was torpedoed by a British submarine to avoid receiving in Palestine the 800 refugees it carried. Had it not been for the one witness who escaped by miracle and reached the Turkish shores, the boat would have been lost and forgotten.

The witness repeated, once and again, in his testimony that the sinking was consecutive to an explosion by bomb or torpedo.

Contrary to what is related in the article the witness was taken care off by the Turkish authorities who accepted his version of the story.

In another scene of this episode was the special session of the committee of the Jewish Underground Forces who had special entries to the High Commissioner’s office in Cairo when they came across and copied or photocopied the message sent by the High Commissioner to a British submarine to torpedo the Struma. A special court was convened and Lord Moyne, the High Commissioner was sentenced to death.

All these facts came up in the Cairo court as you will notice later on.

The execution of the sentence was entrusted to two special agents of the underground movement (tireurs d’elite) good shots, with instructions not to ever hurt any Egyptian.

The High Commissioner’s office was not so well-protected and the two fellows easily had access to his office, shot the Commissioner and left on the bicycles they trotted in with. The alarm was given when the two fellows were cycling hard for safety when a passing Egyptian policeman heard the alarm, was intrigued and followed the two youngsters and arrested them. They proved later to the court that they could have shot the policeman easily but they had their instructions to abide with. The Egyptian press for weeks and before the trial was sympathetic to the boys as was the majority of the population.

The most important Egyptian lawyer was committed to defend them (without charge) and everybody thought that the two would get away with imprisonment but this thought irritated the British and they had to find a machiavellian way to have them hanged.

A day or two before the sentence the Egyptian Prime Minister was assassinated and many saw the machiavelian hand of the British.

Consequently a sentence was passed and the two boys of 20 and 18 were hanged.

I knew the boy of 18 as he was from a family of Syrian origin. The Pessah before these events I spent with this family in Haifa with others.

Israeli sources also confirms that it was the Russians who torpedoed the Struma for political reasons.


Israel often found herself, because of her weak position, obliged to bite the bullet and accept a version of events which is different from the truth. At the end of the Second World War, Israel abstained from harming the ex-Mufti Amin Husseini because Britain gave him safe passage first to Egypt and then to Beirut. It is likely that Amin Husseini played a major role in preventing Jews from leaving Europe, a policy which was in line with British Foreign Office objectives. Another incident at which Israel had to keep quiet was the assassination of the Israeli Olympic team. This was done by the German police, but the Israeli government had to subscribe to the version that it was committed by the Palestinian terrorist, in order not to sour relations with Germany which was paying massive compensations at the time.


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