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Ethnic Cleansing

The Arab delegates to the Durban UN conference who accuse Israel of ethnic cleansing should have been asked why no Jews remain in Arabia – one-time home to prominent and numerous Jewish tribes? Why only 42 elderly Jews remain in Iraq of an ancient and glorious community numbering over 150,000, once described by King Faisal as the backbone of Iraq’s economy? Why Jews were persecuted and hounded in most Arab countries until they were forced to leave? Who has been ethnic cleansing – Israel or the Arabs?!

Isn’t it ironical that the Palestinians have to agree to recognise the Holocaust when they themselves had a big hand in it. Palestinians’ mufti, Amin Husseini, who spent the war years in Berlin, made sure that no European Jew could escape the death camps.

To those who say Zionism is the root of all the trouble in Palestine, the answer is that Arab imperialism is responsible for all the trouble in the Middle East.

Were the Israeli delegates so tongue-tied that they couldn’t say any of these things?!







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