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The Russians and the Anglo-Boer War
When we were at school 70 years ago, a quarter of the World's map was coloured red to denote the territories of the British Empire on which the sun never set. Britain did not acquire this largest Empire in history by chance, or by mere luck, Britain fought its way at every turn in the face of jealous rivals such as Russia, France, Spain and Germany. more

The Children of Noah: Jewish Seafaring in Ancient Times
I was taught to swim so that I could get out of the sea, should I even be so foolish and unfortunate as to find myself in it. For the sea didn't seem kosher. more

Sex as Sport
How come Religion and the Law became involved in sex? In any case, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was brave enough to deal with the subject of sexual activities in his recent book which is reviewed here. more

Aubrey Beardsley, A Biography
A spell of incessant and feverish creativity and inventiveness in the field of design and aesthetics characterised the best twenty years of the 19th Century, both in England and Europe. more

Siegfried Sassoon - The Making of a War Poet
Eighty years have elapsed since the end of the First World War and thirty years since the death of Siegfried Sassoon, and yet, only now has a comprehensive biography been written about this most famous English War Poet. more

The Diving-bell and the Butterfly
After suffering a massive heart-attack, Jean-Dominique Bauby should have died instantly but instead he, the editor-in-chief of French Elle magazine and the father of two young children, fell into a deep and long coma. more

Climate of Fear - Why we shouldn't worry about global warming
Does the spectre of Global Warming frighten you? Well, after reading the American economist Thomas Gale Moore's book, you might consider your fears unfounded. Global warming is good for you, or so it transpires from the statistics and fears presented to us in Climate of Fear. more


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