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Climate of Fear - Why we shouldn't worry about global warming.

by Thomas Gale Moore

Publisher: Cato Institute, Washington D.C. 175 pp.

Reviewed by Linda Dangoor-Khalastchi

Does the spectre of Global Warming frighten you? Well, after reading the American economist Thomas Gale Moore's book, you might consider your fears unfounded. Global warming is good for you, or so it transpires from the statistics and fears presented to us in Climate of Fear.

Happiness is a warm climate claims Dr. Moore, who does not seem concerned with the increase of Carbon Dioxide emission in the atmosphere. He goes on to explain that historically, mankind was more productive and creative during warm weather, during which "period trade flourished, writing was invented and the human population exploded." Lured by better weather, people colonised new regions and apparently the Norsemen, under the effect of warmer weather, occupied Iceland and Greenland.

The two historical periods he chooses to demonstrate his theory is between 9000 BC to 2000 BC, and AD 900 to AD 1300.

However, Dr. Moore does continue to say that not all regions of the World would benefit from a shift to warmer weather (oh!). Some places may become too dry (Drought?) others too wet (Floods?).

How convincing all this is to a layman is difficult to say, however, it is an example of the new current of thought developing against the hysteria concerning the dangers of global warming.



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