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Holocaust Denial

France, Belgium and Germany among other countries have laws that make denial of the Holocaust a criminal offence. Denying the existence of God may be worthy of punishment, but are we so attached to the Holocaust that we want to give it the same treatment?

The reason why we feel the need to remind the world of the Holocaust is the same as the reason why it has become easy to deny it - its perpetrators have got away with it! Hardly any punishment was meted out to the German animals who carried out the extermination of European Jewry. Their stale defence has been - obeying superior orders, otherwise their life would have been in danger. Judaism has a valid reply to these enemies: In those instances a man must prefer to die than to commit any of the following acts: 1. To worship idols; 2.To commit incest, but above all murder a fellowman.

To legislate against Holocaust denial in the face of freedom of speech is an uphill task and would hardly be adequate in any event apart from a fine or a light custody.

Another objective in keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive is to prevent it happening again! What a joke this is. As one diplomat put it recently: "I can guarantee that the Holocaust will not happen again. Not enough Jews are left in Europe anyway!"

The correct attitude to the Holocaust should be that it is not too late to deal out proper punishment to our enemies who are in fact the enemies of God. But who are our enemies? All those who deny that the Holocaust took place, all those who say Hitler was right to kill the Jews. Denying the Holocaust is denying an historical truth like saying the sun does not give us heat and light.

Anyone in the above categories must be regarded as if he had taken part in the Holocaust himself. He walks about with a death sentence on his head.

If our enemies can be made to experience the loss of 6 million people themselves they would no longer claim that the Holocaust did not take place.

Seeking to punish the deniers through the courts; besides being lengthy and costing millions, would give them a platform to propagate their criminal ideas. Isn't this terrorism? Not at all. We are not picking on anyone. Only those who identify themselves as enemies of God will receive their punishment. We are not threatening anyone.


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