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Reply to Dr. Albert Khabbaza

Regarding Dr. Albert Khabbaza's question, from the Jewish theological point of view, G-d plays a role in the management of the universe, but the relationship between man and man is managed by men themselves. For this reason, the psalmist writes that with strategy you make war. If G-d makes you victorious in war, that is a miracle, but ordinarily, G-d does not make miracles for people, only when absolutely necessary. The evil of Hitler and of the Holocaust was perpetrated despite the presence of G-d, because the men who perpetrated it did not fear G-d, but that does not mean that G-d consented to what happened. Also, I do not believe that G-d intended that the state of Israel as a justification for the killing of six million Jews. It was a miracle only that the Jews could rise from the lowliest point and create a state of independence. G-d should not be blamed for the Holocaust, but He should not be given credit for the creation of the State of Israel. Both happened as natural events and not with any specific miracle. The Talmud argues about why an evil man could even prosper while a good and righteous man could get penalised in this life. This question was raised by Moshe Rabennu, but no answer was given. It is for this reason that man should work hard to make his living and to prosper and not depend on miracles to make good in this life.

New York

(Prof) Heskel M. Haddad, M.D. (Rabbi)


Scribe: Congratulations on your becoming a Rabbi. It seems you believe you have it all worked out perfectly.



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