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Pictures from Recent Happy Occasions
Israeli ambassador; Jerusalem Information Centre; Dr Amira Sopher; William Hague; Robert Dangoor & Joy Murad; Astrid Dangoor & Gary Fox. more

Genes Unravel Jewish History
The Jewish tradition that a priestly caste - the Cohanim - are descendants of an ancestor who lived 3,000 years ago is backed by a genetic study published today. The findings are consistent with these priests being descended from Aaron, the brother of Moses, as stated in the Old Testament. However, the study in today's Nature is silent when it comes to the identity of the common ancestor. more

Exilarch's Scholarship
The Exilarch's Foundation has granted a scholarship to Dr. Itzhak Mualem to enable him to continue his studies at Bar-Ilan University. more

Israel's Population
700,000 Jews from Arab and Moslem countries immigrated to Israel since its establishment in 1948, among them: 127,000 from Iraq … more








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