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Tragic Plight of the Silent Hostages
Your editorial comment and exhaustive report of the real-estate scene in Jerusalem omit a detail (26 August). Any Muslim or Christian who sells or negotiates the sale of real estate to a Jew is liable to summary execution by the Palestinian Authority. more

The Sephardim in England
Rabbi Dr. Abraham Levy (below) talks to Clive Roslin on "Sounds Jewish" Programme. more

Baghdad on the Yangtse
Young Judea group 1929, students of the Jewish Studies Circle in the garden of Ellis Hayim adjacent to D.E. J. Abraham brother of Flora Sassoon. The students were from both the Baghdadi and Ashkenazi communities. Shanghai, China. more

The Ayatollah and Me
Iran in the early 1950's. A young Shah rules unsteadily. His prime minister is Dr. Mossadegh, a charismatic nationalist and demagogue who makes little secret of his antagonism to the monarchy. more

The Old Jewish Quarter of Baghdad
Families and relatives lived in the same neighbourhood. In some cases the adult sons and their spouses stayed with parents even after they married and had children. Each couple had one or two rooms in the big house. All shared the same kitchen. Most of these families lived in harmony, or at least tolerated each other. more

The Samaritans
The Samaritans are a small tribe, totalling about 1,000 people, who live mostly in the town of Nablus (Shechem) on the steps of Mt. Gerisim, or in Holon, Israel. more

The Two Somekhim on Yom Kippur
It seems that the origin of Somekh as a family name goes back to Rabbi Yechezqel who used to sign his writings as Yechezqel ha-Somekh, because he had been honoured with the title of Somekh (Assistant) in the Synagogue of Baghdad. more


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