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Give Us Palestine, Or Give Us Iraq
The forthcoming visit to Iraq by Pope John Paul is of outstanding significance to the Jewish people, and of great importance to the future of the region. more

The Truth About Jewish Assets In Iraq
"Jewish assets in Iraq were ex-propriated twice, once by Iraq and then by Israel." Between 1948 and 1951, Israel faced two analogous demands. First, it was implored to compensate Palestinians who had become refugees as a result of the War of Independence… more

Your Grandfather the late Hakham, was a very learned scholar and was undoubtedly familiar with the many medieval authorities who explicitly taught us that "time" was created with matter. more

Science and Religion
I would like to compliment Hakham Ezra Dangoor, the grandfather of Naim Dangoor in his statement: "When the world was created, Time itself was created". He arrived at this conclusion, which both science and religion now agree, without the need of high mathematics and physics. more

Thoughts And Afterthoughts
Synagogue Offerings; I die that Israel might live; Where was God During the Holocaust more

Should the Holocaust be Forgotten?
A Reform Rabbi has suggested that the time has come for the Holocaust not to be commemorated separately, but to be relegated to the bin of the Ninth of Av, the date reserved every year for major Jewish tragedies of the past. more

Holocaust Denial
France, Belgium and Germany among other countries have laws that make denial of the Holocaust a criminal offence. Denying the existence of God may be worthy of punishment, but are we so attached to the Holocaust that we want to give it the same treatment? more

Holocaust Money in Swiss Banks
The offer of the three Swiss Banks - Union Bank of Switzerland, Swiss Bank Corporation and Credit Suisse to pay $600 million to Holocaust victims is insulting. 90 percent of the money represent interest over a period of over 50 years that the Banks refused to acknowledge that there was any money to return. more


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