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Changing Lives Through Innovation

By: Helen Davis and Douglas Davis

'Israel In The World' is a beautifully presented book which looks at the Israel that exists behind the tragedies and dramas that form the daily headlines. It takes a unique journey around a remarkable country, which has become one of the world's technological, economic and cultural leaders, consolidating its global reputation for innovation and excellence.

Written by acclaimed journalists and writers Helen Davis and Douglas Davis, the book uses a wide range of case studies to detail Israel's development in science, technology, medicine, education, agriculture and the arts including a miniature disposable video camera which is revolutionizing medical diagnosis, pioneering ultrasound treatment which is eradicating tumors, disaster relief expertise which has been used all over the world and the first Microsoft facility outside of the US.

Without any natural resources, Israel's assets are its people, their creativity, their intellectual energy and their collective determination to use the nation's 'brain-based' industries to succeed in spite of persistent existential challenges. This book allows the world to witness their previously felt but unseen success.

Despite the relative isolation of the county and its small size (about the size of Wales), Israel has never ceased in its quest for excellence and today Israeli innovation and invention is to be found in every city In the world. ''Israel In The world" is a true testament to Israel's success story.

Despite its long history, Israel is also a young nation, a melting pot of cultures and religions. Armed with the energy and drive of a young nation, Israel has overcome its small size and population to achieve some truly remarkable developments in science, technology and medicine.
''This book Is testimonial to the Israelis' incredible originality, dynamism and entrepreneurship''
Rupert Murdoch

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