The Scribe - Issue 73 - Print friendly edition

Issue 73 of The Scribe is now available for download in PDF format. This format allows Issue 73 to be stored on a computer or easily printed off as a 76 page edition of The Scribe.

Downloading it requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. This software is included with most computers but if you do not have it please click here to download a free version.

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If you already have Acrobat Reader you may click here to download Issue 73 of The Scribe.

Note : the file is in pdf format. It is 76 pages in length and includes many pictures and photographs. It is a large file (>3 MB) and so please allow a reasonable time for it to download. Download time depends on your connection speed. Standard modems should take approximately 20 mins to download this document. Once downloaded this document can be saved on to a computer and printed.

Alternatively, for your convenience, you may download The Scribe in eight smaller 10 page sections.

Pages 01 - 10 680K Pages 41 - 50 248K
Pages 11 - 20 868K Pages 51 - 60 172K
Pages 21 - 30 308K Pages 61 -70 196K
Pages 31 - 40 396K Pages 71 - 76 328K


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