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To: Friends and Supporters of the International Sephardic Educational and Cultural Center (SEC), a Center for all Jews

From: Jose A Nessim, M.D. Founder and President

This report is to update you on what is happening at the SEC in Jerusalem, as well as the branches in the Diaspora. The success is unequal in contemporary Sephardic history. For 21 continuous years we are becoming larger, better and stronger.

In February 1999 after negotiating for years with a great deal of difficulty, we purchased the three historical buildings we had been leasing for twenty years from the Government of Israel for $7.5 million payable over three years. We have been paying on time except for one of the payments that was due last April for $1.1 million. Unfortunately, we were only able to raise $350,000 by the due date. We are doing everything in our power to awaken and energise the 1.5 million Sephardim living in the Diaspora so that we can complete the payments and avoid risking the loss of this campus to the many other Jewish organisations who are clamouring for the opportunity to bid on this phenomenal piece of real estate in the heart of Jerusalem.

The SEC needs you and everyone you know to make this building campaign smooth and successful. The architectural plans call for a complete renovation of the campus that will make it a world class centre attracting people from around the world, whether on one of our programs or simply touring Jerusalem. The SEC will soon be the beautiful gateway to the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall.

Aside from the physical premises, the SEC is now a world Jewish movement that is tolerant, not judgmental, and has enriched the lives of tens of thousands of young people around the world. To get better acquainted, please go to the internet and look up

Specialised programmes for all sizes of groups can be arranged with the SEC's experienced staff of educators. The Centre is open year around and is ready to meet the needs of your community - whether it be in Jerusalem or in your own city.

Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel, which is just steps away from the Centre, is an experience that is unforgettable and can be arranged by the SEC staff. In September we begin an accredited One Year Programme in conjunction with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In Diaspora the branches continue to flourish and we have lectures, shabbatons and yearly conventions in North and South America. Over 600 married couples have met at our activities over the years, and now form young married groups in their communities.

Opportunities are now available for you to have your name inscribed in these buildings in Jerusalem for as little as $1,000.00. We invite and expect everyone to participate in this special project that will keep alive the legacy of our parents in a place they always dreamed of and mentioned in their daily meditations.

Remember that our only goal is to unite and organise the 1.5 million Sephardim living in the Diaspora in order to create the necessary organisational structure that will ensure the Jewish survival of our children and their descendants. All Jews are invited to join this noble and sacred cause. For more information, please e-mail us at or visit us on the web at



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