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The above book by Dr Caroline B Pluss is being published by the Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong.

Early Hong Kong Jewish history centred predominantly around the same Baghdadi families who were to be found throughout the Far East and who came to Hong Kong mainly from Bombay. The Sassoons were the mainstays of Jewish life for many years, donating the first synagogue and the land upon which it still stands. They and other Jews from Baghdad, mostly in their employ, formed the core of religious life not only in Hong Kong but also in Shanghai, Burma, Singapore and other far-flung trading posts in the region.

In its over 150 years' existence, the Jewish community of Hong Kong has evolved from a small, distant outpost of the Diaspora into the hub of Jewish life in East and Southeast Asia.

The book on the history of the Jews in Hong Kong has been very thoroughly researched by Dr Caroline Pluss, starting from a very slim base of documentary evidence in the archives in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, most documentation did not survive the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during the Second World War.

We will, of course, send you more about the book when it has been published and is available for purchase.

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