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In your Scribe No. 72 I read that Elia Shahmoun came to open the school bearing his daughter's name: "Rachel Shahmoun".

I remember my mother used to say that only if "Ezra Joseph Hakham Saleh", my father, will take charge of the building, because he trusted my father, Elia Shahmoun will accept to have the building done.

My father accepted to take charge.

My father finished the school but he died on the 27th July 1927.

Elia Shahmoun came over for the inauguration of the school - shouldn't my father's name be mentioned? After all Elia Shahmoun trusted my father, he was his friend, and he wouldn't have anybody else to be in charge.

Please, I would like you to look into the matter and mention that without my father the school wouldn't have been built. Is it also possible to try to find a photo of my father and put it with it?

The Scribe this time was wonderful. Yom Kippur helped me reading all you wrote. I don't know how you have the time and the energy to find all these lovely things, to put it so nicely together.

You are a genius - G-d Bless You!


Violette Levy


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