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Search for Don Matvay (Mottle)

May I take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones a peaceful and prosperous New Year, and well over the Fast?

I am writing, firstly to thank you for your most pleasing journal in its information on Babylonian Jewry.

Secondly, may I enlist your esteemed help?

A sad Jewish lady in Israel is in search of her missing relative. Is it possible that you could give a few lines of your journal for her personal search?

MILYA PECHERSVY, Levanon 21/11,

Kyriat Shmona 10200, Israel

is looking for:

DON MATVAY (Mottle) d.o.b. 1921/2

"somewhere in the London area"

If anyone has information please write to Milya at above address or P.O. Box 3589 or telephone (06) 6943785.

I am most grateful to you for kindly receiving this request.

Gwent, Wales

Meg Thomas


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