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by Nicole Iny (when 16), New York


"The world is coming to an end", I heard somebody say.
Because no-one is innocent any more - the children work, not play.
The morality has sunk quite low and people are falling sick.
I doubt that this is what G-d intended - it seems to be a trick.
The world is coming to an end, and no-one can tell me why,
Instead of improving themselves, there are people who cheat and lie.
They murder, usurp and commit other sins for reasons which I can't fathom.
I doubt G-d is happy any more, for look what was done to Adam.
"The world is coming to an end", I heard somebody scream.
People are selfish nowadays - they just satisfy their own dream.
What happened to sweet charity which existed long before?
Does nobody desire to help the less fortunate any more?
"The world is coming to an end", and I am quite upset.
There are sins committed every two seconds which ordinarily would not be let.
Religion is forgotten - morals can never survive.
Instead of yearning to be higher, people have put the dirt into their lives.
The world is coming to an end, and it's not what G-d intended
For he wishes us to improve ourselves - to fix whatever must be mended.
People welcome sin and laugh mockingly at old traditions.
The Guide to Immorality must have been printed in many editions.
The world is coming to an end, and it is very sad,
That we Jews who promised G-d we'd keep his laws are making him quite mad.
We said we'd keep the Torah in our heart and it would be our life.
So many people have died for our faith - was it worth all their strife?
Have we forgotten everything? Are our memories so unclear?
What happened to our Torah which we used to love so dear?
What happened to our wisdom? Has it disappeared?
What happened to morality? It used to be revered.
The world is coming to an end and we can't help that fact.
Do you think if we turned back the clock, we could bring morality back?



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