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I am glad to send you herewith two books which I published lately, the first Arabic one, "In the World of Peace", a collection of poems by the author, the second in Hebrew, "The Artificial Fertilization In View of Islam".

Shlomo (Salim) Shashoua

Ramat Gan Israel


by Shlomo (Salim) Shashoua

We and the Arabs both drank from the spring of peace,
Bearing banners all over the world calling for harmony,
We are brothers in faith and grandsons of Sam.
We and the Arabs joined flourishing life,
United by ideal brotherhoods and fortune,
We are like a bird which can fly only with his two wings.
We and the Arabs focusing light of knowledge towards mankind,
We had liberated peoples from the darkness of paganism,
We are all standing like a huge mountain facing critical moments.
We and the Arabs determined to live together,
We are grandsons of one forefather who was a prophet,
Our uterine relations will last forever.
We incline to peace and go forwards,
Begging him to prevail comfort and happiness to people,
Expecting fulfilment of great hopes.
We are all eager to the immortal, "Golden Age",
Which bears happiness and long life
We are relatives of Peace, and adhere to him by branches and roots.
We and the Arabs will build an honourable and glorious world,
In which ideas expressed freely rejecting bounds,
And in which life will be continuous sweet and happiness.
This is the peace returns back to our homelands today,
Carrying tidings for a period full of fertile life,
Our peace shines like the sun but does not vanish.




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