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Dear Naim

You may remember me. I am the son of the late Reuben Heskel Dangoor. I was very pleased to receive a copy of the great journal The Scribe, No. 72, which was full of rare and precious pictures. And since I worked in various government department, including ten years in the Prime Minister's office, the Broadcasting and television house, the Ministry of Education in Arabic since 1946 until after my recent retirement, I wanted to present Prime Minister Barak my copy of The Scribe in which he appears. This I did on my visit to his home on the occasion of Succoth to greet him for the Festival and he thanked me very much with a kiss. Thereafter he also sent me a letter of thanks. I also wanted to present a copy to Major General Yair Itzhaky (see his picture P. 56, issue 72) whom I know well. And I had learnt bookkeeping at his grandfather's school.

I remember you well as an officer in the Iraq army in Baghdad when I was a conscript and I saluted you as you passed by but you did not recognise me.

The loss of your dear brother Salim came as a shock to all of us. I used to see him often at the Dangoor stores in Baghdad where I worked for many years. And I also remember well when he eulogised at the age of eleven his grandfather Hakham Ezra Dangoor at the Synagogue at the Alliance School describing him as "my young grandfather".


Asher Reuben Dangoor


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