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Hakham Abraham Sofaer and Hakham Haron Aghasi

My father once told me when I was very very young, that his grandfather who lived in Baghdad was the Hakham Abraham Sofaer and that my mother's grandfather was the Hakham Haron Aghasi of Iraq and the surrounding areas. And that Hakham Aghasi was so well-known and respected that when he died, a large part of the Middle East neighbouring Iraq went into mourning.

I am 83 years of age and before I leave this earthly domain, I shall be most grateful if you could enlighten me as to who were these two great gentlemen.

For your information, the actor Abraham Sofaer, who died not so long ago in the USA was my cousin. His father and my father were brothers. Also, the ex-Judge Abraham Sofaer who ruled on Ariel Sharon's case against the "Time" publishers, is my nephew, my elder brother David's son.

I thank you for all the issues of The Scribe you have been sending me which as a source of information and comfort I could now never do without.

Shoresh, Israel

Sassoon Meyer Sofaer


Scribe: For full information please refer to the book entitled "Yehude Babel" by Dr Abraham Ben Yaacob. We have also sent you some information on Hakham Shimon Haron Aghassi Ben Aba Ben Aba taken from YehudŽ Babel by Dr Ben Abraham Yaacob and from Quez Hayamim - history of Babylonian Rabbis Ancient and Modern.



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