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Isaac Aviezer

I have been very pleased to receive, at last, The Scribe, the September'99 edition, and felt very attached and touched!

As I have been, all my career-years, active and related to Music and Broadcasting, I look forward to be connected, in a way or another to the printed articles of yours. I am still deeply involved in the wide music field, within our communities. Further of my endeavours are: I have organised a professional group who presents a panorama of oriental music, including Iraqi.

Allow me to make the following comments.

In the picture on page 53, the man sitting next to Yousaif Horaish is not Mohammed Alqubbanchi, the famous Iraqi singer, but is the celebrated Egyptian composer Mohammad El-Qasabgi.

In the article of Mr Yeheskel Kojaman; on page 53, it says:

"There was only one Arabic music ensemble in 'Qol Yisrael' (Israel Radio);.."

In fact, one ensemble, at least, has been active through some years in "Israeli Arabic Radio". Parallel to my work with the permanent orchestra through conducting, composing and taking part in public-radio-programmes, I have been named to take charge of founding and conducting another orchestra. That project took place, beginning in 1976. I made many recordings and broadcast them. Later, I brought it on stage in public performances. After that I proceeded with the orchestra in a series of public concerts.

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Came to Israel from Iraq in 1951. Attended Hebrew University in Eastern Studies and Music. In 1957, joined the pioneers who established The Voice of Israel In The Arabic Language as a national radio station. His programmes had wide popular appeal and have been received enthusiastically by musicologists in Israel and in Egypt, where he enjoys high esteem amongst his peers. Composed, performed, recorded, and lectured on Arabic music of all styles. Authored and translated lyrics. Appeared in various panels and talk shows on National Television as authority on the history and trends of Arabic music. Mr Aviezer is fluent in Arabic, English and Hebrew. He has been married for 34 years and has a son in New York and a daughter in Israel, both of whom are lawyers and musicians.

Israel National Radio

Chief of Arabic Music Programming: Editor; Anchor; 1957 - Present

Headed the Arabic Music Programmes Department. Created, presented, edited, and anchored a wide range of radio programmes, including documentary, entertainment, and live shows. Presented, in the Arabic language, own programmes featuring European classical music, Hebrew music, and Ethnic music.

Composer, Conductor, The Radio Orchestra of Arabic Music, 1959 - 1985

Performed and recorded numerous musical works of Arabic music composers.

City of Ramat-Gan Cultural Department

Musical Director of Oriental Culture Centre, 1985 - Present

Established and conducted Naharayim, the only choir of its type in the world, specialising in the hymns and songs of the Babylonian Jewry heritage. Composed and wrote new tunes and lyrics to enrich and perpetuate the messages of that heritage. Established the Ramat-Gan Ensemble to perform both with the choir and independently. Conducted the Choir and Ensemble in live concerts for large audiences.

Independent Composer and Musician

Composed works of unique nature, such as The Prophecy of Peace of Isaiah; composed music to poems of famous Arabic poets, such as Egyptian Valley Of The Kings; composed songs about peace in the Middle East, infusing Israeli and Arabic themes, such as Jerusalem Of The Three Religions. Compositions have been publicly performed and gained wide acclaim. Plays, performs, records, and instructs Oud in the Arabic styles.


Lectured on Arabic Music in The Educational Center of the Israel Broadcasting Association, The Oriental Music Center in Jerusalem, and The Israeli Academic Center in Cairo, Egypt. Instructed the Arabic language in The Tel-Aviv Open University.


Isaac Aviezer


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