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OBITUARY: Edmond Safra


I knew an elderly gentleman, let us call him Jim, who had a morbid fear of hanging himself if left alone in the house, and insisted on having someone stay with him at all times. Being an intelligent person, he reasoned with himself as to the cause of his anxiety. He came to the conclusion that he felt he would be vulnerable, if left alone, to anyone forcing himself into the house or opening the door by some means. As a result he decided to put the chain on the door and his problem came to an end.

In the case of Edmond Safra, there is no doubt that he was in a terrified state, hiding in the bathroom. His fear was if he opens the door he might fall into the hands of his imagined enemy with the result that he might be tortured and be forced to pay out millions. He came to the conclusion that his best escape route would be to die in one piece and leave his money intact.

In the event, there was no enemy waiting at the door and the honest Edmond Safra was only the victim of his own imagination.

His successful life story was adequately covered in the last issue of September 1999.

It is a case when money, which is supposed to be a good servant, became a bad master.



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