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Ashe Lincoln

There is a splendid and well-deserved tribute to the late great Captain Ashe Lincoln QC, RNVR, by Abdulla Dangoor in the September 1999 (No. 72) edition of The Scribe.

One of many episodes in which Ashe Lincoln was involved during the War was when the Royal Navy captured a German submarine, which was loaded with unexploded torpedoes. Typically, Ashe Lincoln risked his life dismantling them, and he could have been blown to pieces.

Ashe Lincoln was awarded the King's medal for bravery. and was mentioned in Dispatches many times.

Probably the best of Ashe Lincoln's books is "The Odyssey of a Jewish Sailor", which is one of the most interesting books I have ever seen, and is highly recommended to any readers of The Scribe who do not already have it. The splendid photograph in The Scribe is also on the front cover of the book.

I had the privilege of knowing Ashe Lincoln for many years, and had the pleasure of seeing him regularly at Marble Arch Synagogue, and on Shabbat at the New London Synagogue ("Louis Jacobs' Shul").


Lou Gorden

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