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Short Letters


We love receiving the Scribe and thank you very much for a wonderful tribute to our Baghdadi community. I learn something new each time and look forward to the next issue.

Do you know if the Baghdadi community has published a book about dream interpretations? I would love to get a copy; if not maybe we can start compiling one!

New York

Samira Galler (née Balass)


I have just finished reading (for the third time) "If this is a man". I found your article to be a moving summary, and would like to thank you for its information.

e-mail (UK)

Rachel Spires


At a recent updating of the website for "Resources in Sephardic Genealogy" a link has been placed to your website at the following location:


Jeff Malka


I am a Senior Writer with the American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. I write feature stories. I have an interest in Judaism, because I was raised Jewish. Harry Korine who is a professor at the London Business School, and is of Iraqi descent, told me about your Scribe newsletter. I am writing to ask if you might send me a few copies. I am curious about the Iraqi Jewish community for its historical roots in Jewish history.


Gregg Pascal Zachary


Please if possible send us any copies of The Scribe you can spare. We are in Jewish sheltered accommodation in Manchester. We had two copies late last year and since not heard from you.

May we wish you all the very best and go from strength to strength with your wonderful magazine.


R J Marshall


I thank you for telling my life story in "The Scribe"(No. 72, P. 38). I must say it was beautifully presented and I am proud to have a presence in the Sephardi community, which I love and admire.


Freddie Knoller


I have just discovered you. I have one of the largest Sephardic genealogy websites on the net which you are welcome to visit. I will be adding a link to your website under my section for Iraq.

Please consider reciprocating and let me know if you decide to do so.

Jeff Malka

"Resources for Sephardic Genealogy" website:

(Jewish Agency for Israel TOP TEN; Britannica 2 STARS)


I am sending you separately a copy of my film "Baklava and the Meaning of Life". In this 23 minute video, sculptor Helene Simon (my mother) shares the recipe for her famous Baklava and treats us to her wisdom and insight on happiness in life.

Helene was born in Baghdad and studied art in London, Egypt, and the United States. After raising a family, she became a sculptor, and her pieces are in a number of museums and important collections. Along the way, she also made some wonderful Baklava.

This video takes a peek into the world of a Jewish artist and mother.

Somerville MA

Jamil Simon


I receive regularly The Scribe which I find extremely interesting - I have no connection whatsoever with Babylonian Jewry, my family (on both sides) being typical Italian Jews for at least 600 years, possibly more.

The articles in The Scribe are very interesting and the book reviews better than in many leading papers.

Please keep me on your mailing list.


John S Montefiore


For some reason, I have not been receiving The Scribe, for what seems to be a long time. The Scribe has been one of the magazines that I enjoy immensely, and in fact, among the numerous publications that I receive, The Scribe is the only one that I read from the first letter in the first page to the last letter in the last page. It is indeed a shining star amongst the Iraqi Jews publications. If possible, please resume sending it to me. My best wishes for your continued success. Your service to the Iraqi Jews is priceless.

Greenlawn, NY

Joseph M Koreen, MD


I would like to trace a friend of mine from Frank Iny School, Baghdad. His name is Safaa Nadhim Dabbi, 48, and I heard that he is living in Israel. I have not seen him in over thirty years and would appreciate any suggestions you might have that could eventually lead to making contact with him.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Sabah Ezra Sami Zilouf (Simon)


The last number of The Scribe which we have received is no. 72 of September 1999.

In order not to discontinue such an interesting magazine which is constantly used by our Rabbis and Professors, we would appreciate it very much if you could send us the missing issues at your earliest convenience.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Rita Saccal
Head Librarian
Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano
"Marshall T Meyer"
Jose Hernandez 1750-4o. Piso
1426 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone Nos. 54 11 4783-2009/54 11 4783-6175
Fax No. 54 11 4781-4056

Scribe: The Scribe is now appearing on the internet at


At last I have been browsing through your website and was thrilled and amazed at all that I found regarding photos and the contents of the current issue of The Scribe. Internet is really a wonderful thing giving the possibility of reading all the wealth of information and subjects intesting me. I wish to compliment you, Naim, and thank you for all you have invested in this website. My only wish is if it were possible to add to the photos - David and Ide of New York with family, and an old photo of good times of Salim and Ruth of Stockholm. Blessed be Salim's memory.

Yes, it is Ruth's sister writing to you - with best wishes to you, Naim and RenŽe, for good health and happiness in the coming year 5761. Shana Tova!

Bat-Yam, Israel

E-mail from Judy Dattner


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