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Family Trees

After meeting you a few years ago, I started to work on a family tree.

Recently you started to print various family trees and so I decided to send you what I had developed over the last few years. It took time to meet and contact family in Israel (the main source for my information). They were kind enough and patient enough to agonize and remember under my persistent questioning (I guess I could be cited by the Human Rights organizations for my interrogations).

Anyway, attached is the result of my work. It has been suspended due to my recent marriage.

I have researched the following:

Father's father's family - Yossef Ajemy-Chitayat and Baruch Tahan

Father's mother's and Mother's father's family - H'baba and Aziz Peres

Mother's mother's family - Shelomo and Habiba Houri

I have enclosed the family list in tree form and in outline form. Regrettably the program cannot accommodate first cousins getting married. This leaves us with the problem of names being repeated.

Save the above caveat, I would love to contact other families who might assist me in seeing where our mutual trees intersect.

I know that the Moreshet in Or Yehuda is putting some effort into this and have sent them the enclosed information. Just to be sure however, I am sending it to you as well.

Thank you again for your continued efforts in maintaining contact with our tradition and keeping us informed.

S David Moche
1700 York Avenue, 8P,
New York City,
NY 10128 USA
Tel. No. 212-876-3893
Fax No. 212-876-3498


Scribe: We have passed your family tree information to Ms Lydia Collins, our genealogy specialist, who would be glad to correspond with readers on ancestry matters c/o The Exilarch's Foundation, 4 Carlos Place, London W1K 3AW, U.K.



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