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Reflections on The Holocaust

The murder of the six million Jews by Germany during World War II was not just an anti-semitic and racist genocide. Hitler was under the delusion that it was the Jews who were the enemies of Germany and who made Germany to lose World War I. In his attempt to re-kindle the flame of German aggression, he saw the Jews standing in his way. So, in 1939, as the signs of war were looming in the horizon, Hitler made the clear threat that if World Jewry and in particular American Jewry, shall embroil Germany in another World War, then Germany would exterminate all the Jews of Europe.

It is clear therefore that European Jewry were held hostages for the free world and, as often happens, hostage takings end up in tragedy. This is the significance of the Holocaust to the free world and this is the basis on which all people should commemorate and observe the massacre of 6 million innocent Jews by Germany.


Letter sent to The Rt Hon The Lord Janner, Chairman of The Holocaust Educational Trust:

Dear Greville,

When a Holocaust memorial was created in Hyde Park, I asked myself, "Why should Britain be involved in that crime, since Hitler's genocide never reached these shores?"

The explanation usually given is that the purpose of remembering the Holocaust is to prevent it happening again. This explanation fails on two counts. Firstly, there are not enough Jews in Europe for another Holocaust, and secondly, ethnic genocide has been taking place throughout the world regardless.

There is in fact another significance to the Holocaust which is overlooked. In 1939 Hitler threatened to kill all the Jews of Europe, if World Jewry would embroil Germany in another world war. He was thus holding the Jews of Europe as hostages for the free world in an attempt to achieve world domination.

The Six Million, therefore, died as martyrs for the free world and should be remembered and honoured throughout the world as such.



His reply:

Dear Naim

Thank you for your interesting and important letter. Yes, I agree. The prime purpose of our Holocaust Memorial Day is precisely along the lines you suggest - together with our hope that by remembering what happened to the Jewish people, we may do something to prevent any future recurrence of this hideous tragedy.

Thank you again for writing and with best wishes.



Naim Dangoor's reply:

Thank you for your letter regarding my suggestion that the victims of the Holocaust should be treated as having died as hostages for the free world. In your reply you say that this idea is interesting and important, but you go on to say that "The prime purpose of our Holocaust Memorial Day is precisely along the lines you suggest".

I should be very grateful if you would kindly let me know how this idea is being presented by The Holocaust Memorial Day since I have never heard it mentioned that the six million were taken as hostages by Hitler at the beginning of the war, and that he put them to death to fulfill the threat that he made in early 1939. German treatment of the Jews is further demonstrated by the demand in 1944 for military trucks in exchange for saving the lives of the Hungarian Jews. When the free world rightly declined to give the trucks he sent 300,000 Hungarian Jews to the death camp.



"And you who are attached to the Lord your G-d are all alive today"

Jewish religious thinkers often try to find some explanation and justification for all tragedies befalling the Jewish people. Starting with the premise that G-d cannot do wrong, they try to put the blame on the victims themselves. They say for example that it was the then hatred among Jews that caused the destruction of the second Temple and that the laxity in Torah observance was the cause of the Holocaust. This is not acceptable and adds insult to injury. It also makes Hitler an agent of G-d's punishment on the Jews which is absurd. Our religious leaders have to think again and come out with a credible and meaningful explanation. Did the Allies know?

Recent revelations have shown that British and American intelligence were aware in 1943 that the German government ordered the military in Rome to round up the Jews of Rome and send them to the concentration camps, but the Allied authorities did nothing to alert the Jews and give them a chance to save themselves.

This is not surprising because throughout the war the Allies were very careful not to let Germany know but they were able to break its code. A day before Pearl Harbour, The State Department became aware that Japan was about to launch a surprise attack but decided to do nothing about it in order to continue to break Japanese secret messages throughout the war.

Moreover, the liquidation of European Jewry suited the wartime policy of the Allies in the thought that by letting Germany be busy with the Jews would detract her war effort. That is why the Allies refused to bomb Auschwitz and refused to publicise what was going on there.

The mass murder of ten thousand Jews a day was an open secret fully known to the media, diplomatic missions and the Church. I lived in Istanbul during the war and I could see from time to time Jewish refugees arriving from Europe with terrible stories.

I can go further and say that the second world war was engineered or manoeuvred into being by the oil interest of the West in order to get rid of the Jews of Europe in the mistaken belief that they would thus save the vast oil reserves of the Middle East from falling into the hands of a new Zionist state populated by East European Jews who were regarded as Communist sympathisers.

When I was a student at London University in the early 30's, I was tormented by the case with which Hitler was allowed to re-arm and prepare Germany for a major war when he could have been knocked out by a feather in his early days.

My own teenage explanation at that time was - either that the Allies wanted to bring a decisive end to the First World War, or that the merchants of armament were again getting active to profit from selling their deadly weapons, or that the whole purpose was to liquidate the Jews of Europe under the cover of war. In the event, the last probability was the only concrete result came out of the Second World War.


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