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Pope's Visit to Western Wall

Pope John Paul II made a special visit to the Western Wall and as is customary on such visits, he slipped a piece of paper containing a wish and a prayer. It was asking G-d for forgiveness for those who caused the Jewish people suffering and pledging 'genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant'.

I think that this prayer is an important turning point in the inter-action between Christianity and Judaism and that everybody should know about it.

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Ramat Gan,Israel

Dr Raouf Semah

Scribe: The Pope first asked the Jewish people to forgive and forget the horrors and the crime of the Holocaust. When he was told that we can't forget, and that we have no authority from the 6 million victims to forgive, he apparently decided to turn to G-d for his forgiveness.

We are not sure if our G-d recognises the Pope. Forgiveness can only be obtained from true and genuine repentence, but anti-semitism is as strong as ever among Christians and in the Church.



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