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Why are the poor, poor ?

Letter sent to: The Rt Reverend Dr Richard Harries Bishop of Oxford

Dear Bishop,

Why are the poor, poor?

I was interested in your "Thought for the Day", this morning, especially as that question has been on my mind for 70 years. Since the late twenties I have been thinking over the problem of poverty and its possible solutions.

Communism succeeds in making everyone poor, and this cannot be the answer. Capitalism fails to make everyone rich, and it too cannot be the answer. Helping the poor, while a virtue in itself, the need for it is a loud condemnation of our economic system.

Sooner or later mankind, after decades free of major warfare, will come to realise:

1. The need to restrict the ability to store wealth. The Bible deals with that point, limiting the ownership of landed property to 50 years.

2. Money is a form of credit, and promissory money must be issued in the name of the consumer and not by the money lender. The amount of interest paid by the community for the use of promissory money is staggering and crippling. The Bible condemned usury but unfortunately does not offer a solution. The solution is that money should be issued by the consumer based on ability to repay.

Jubilee Dot Com may yet be the greatest spinner of them all!

Naim Dangoor


Reply letter from the Bishop of Oxford:

Dear Mr Dangoor

Thank you for your letter. It was good to receive your thoughts on this important subject.

With all good wishes.

The Rt Reverend Richard Harries


Scribe: Bishop Harries recently informed his congregants that any Christian who cannot believe in the divinity of Jesus should not revert to Unitarian Christianity but should take up Judaism - a religion which has been successfully tested and has survived for 4,000 years.



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