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African Hebrews

I am a Canadian citizen as well as being an African born on the island of Jamaica, West Indies. As the last bit of information indicates, my ancestors arrived in the Western hemisphere via the slave trade. What you may not know, either by choice or ignorance, is that many of the people groups/tribes/clans that were the victims of the african slave trade were from tribes that the local African tribes viewed as recent historial arrivals. Thus the intense animosity that was present among them. Some of these foreign/alien black tribes were known in the African dialects as Hebrews, Jews, etc. It is also a suppressed fact that many of the Africans who were enslaved, besides speaking African languages/dialects, also spoke Arabic as well as Hebrew. Many of their traditions and attitudes were also very "Semitic"(?), but were suppressed by their European and Jewish oppressors and enslavers, mostly by very brutal means.

Therefore when I read about the Lemba people's struggles to be acknowledged by their fellow Hebrews I instinctly (sic) understand, because we are living in a very white-souled world, and most of the white Jews from the Diaspora have been greatly affected by their long stay among the Europeans. We also know that birds of a feather flock together - but so too do people of like souls. We also know that what is a Jew is one thing, but what is a Hebrew is quite another. If the right standard of measurements were used, namely from the Torah, rather than recently developed and anti-Hebrew/Torah standards, then the Hebrews from the Sudan to the very extremes of Africa, including the African Diaspora, would be welcomed home.

Maybe it's not our time to be revealed to the world due to socio/economical/ political implications but we know that as long as the ONE who by prophecy scattered us thousands of years ago, know who we are, and where we, the sons of Abraham are, then at least our children or their children will be finally welcomed home by his prophetic pre-determinations.


Derrick McEwan


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