Issue 73 - July 2000


Descendants of Shlomo (d. 1882) ben David ben R. Moshe


1.1 Eliahu-Ezra Shlomo David m. Salha and had issue (2.1 - 2.5)

2.1 Saleh Eliahu Shlomo David m. his cousin Aziza MUKAMAL (no.2.6) and had issue

3.1 Isaac (died young) m. and had issue

4.1 Eliahu m. wife from Sassoon family

3.2 Menashe Saleh Shlomo David (M.S. DAVID of Manchester), m. Mesouda dau of Isaac (Hougi) Simon SASSOON, no issue

3.3 Ezra (d.1934) m. dau of Salman ZELOUF and had issue

4.2 Victor Shlomo DAVID m. Rosa Saleh SHAMASH

4.3 Isaac m. .....

4.4 Charlotte m. Abdullah SHASHOU

4.5 Louise m. her 1st cousin Edward DAVID (4.7)

3.4 Shaul Saleh Shlomo David m. Naima dau of Reuben Joseph ELIA SHAUL and had issue

4.6 Dr Meir DAVID (1912-1995) m. Selma GREENBERG

4.7 (Abdullah) Edward DAVID m. his 1st cousin Louise DAVID (4.5)

4.8 (Moshe) Maurice DAVID m. Violet dau of Heskel Ezra PEREZ

4.9 Bertha m. Simon Joseph FATTAL

4.10 Alice m. Salim Joseph SHASHOU

4.11 (Saleh) Charlie DAVID m. Grace SADKA

3.5 Yehouda m. Muzli dau of Jacob Shlomo SHAMASH and had issue

4.12 Marcelle m. David-Joseph SOLOMON son of Shlomo Abdullah SHLOMO

4.13 Marguerite m. Selim-Reuben ZUBEIDA

4.14 Suzette m. Joseph Menahem GAHTAN

4.15 Rachelle m. ..... AMBARGI

3.6 Messouda m. ..... ZAROUR and had issue

4.16 Rahma m. Isaac Hai ABUSHEHR, no issue

2.2. Abdullah Eliahu Shlomo David (known as Abdullah ELIAS) (c.1850-1911) of Manchester, m. (Sarah) Flora BASSOOS (c.1877-1974) and had issue

3.7 (Eliahoo) Victor ELIAS (1892-1976) m. Barbara DULBERG and had issue

4.17 David William ELIAS

3.8 (Mersooda) Lucy (1895-1986) unm

3.9 (Shelomo) William ELIAS (1897-1941) unm

3.10 Victoria (1900-1985) m. Ivor son of Abraham GOURGEY (c.1885-1973) and had issue

4.18 Rachel Delicia m. Paul NELS

3.11 Alexandra (1902-1997) m. Pierre BEYERSDORF and had issue

4.19 Eric BEYERSDORF m. Doris dau of Maurice ZILKHA

2.3 Meir Eliahu Shlomo David (c.1855-1910), founder of Meir Elias Hospital, after his death his house at Baghdad was converted into the Meir Elias Synagogue; m.(1) Rachel sister of H. Joseph HAIM; m.(2) Simha (d.1948) dau of Reuben Joseph ELIA SHAUL and widow of Shaul Shlomo SHAMASH; no issue 2.4 Chahla (d.1923/4) m. Heskel Haim AZOORY and had issue

3.12 Yehuda

3.13 Sion

3.14 Mouzli m. Joseph Eliahu BASHI, and had issue

4.20 Rachel m. William SHASHOUA

4.21 Violet m. Reuben BATTAT

4.22 Albertine m. Nessim CHITAYAT

4.23 Heskel BASHI

3.15 Victoria m. ..... BARUCH

3.16 Regina m. ..... MASHAL

2.5 Simha (d.1941) m. Menahem Yacoub GOURGEY, issue all died young, adopted son Nunu


1.2 Isaac Shlomo David (died young) m. Rachel MUKAMAL and had issue (2.6 - 2.7) (who took their mother's surname)

2.6 Aziza MUKAMAL (1855- ), a female doctor and herbalist, m. her cousin Saleh Eliahua Shlomo David (no.2.1) and had issue (see husband)

2.7 Isaac Isaac Shlomo David (known as Nunu MUKAMAL) (born posthumously)


1.3 Hakham Heskel Shlomo David (d.1909); student of Hakham Abdullah Somekh; lived in India for many years, on his return he founded in 1909 the Hakham Heskel Synagogue, one of the well-known synagogues at Baghdad, m. Messouda (d.1910) dau of Abdullah Shlomo and had issue (2.8 - 2.15)

2.8 Shaul HAKHAM HESKEL (1858-1934), donated first x-ray machine to Meir Elias Hospital, m. Simha (b.1869) dau of Heskel brother of H. Joseph Haim and had issue

3.17 (Abdullah) Albert ESKELL unm

3.18 David ESKELL unm

3.19 Anwar ESKELL unm

3.20 Rosa m. Ezra-Meir MENASHE (ZUBEIDA) and had issue

4.24 Naima m. Jacob-Aaron SHLOMO son of Shlomo Abdullah SHLOMO

4.25 Flora m. her cousin Abdullah DANGOOR (3.29)

4.26 Marjorie unm

4.27 Louise m. Naim Abraham ZUBEIDA

4.28 Heskel MENASHE unm

4.29 Hilda m. Elias Menashe SOFAER

3.21 Regina m. (1st wife) Joseph DAVID and had issue

4.30 Heskel

4.31 David

4.32 Fuad

4.33 Matilda m. Selim BABAY

4.34 Flora m. her cousin Selim DANIEL (no.3.36)

3.22 Naima (d.1997) unm

2.9 Sir Sassoon ESKELL, KBE (1860-1932), elected deputy for Baghdad in 1908 Turkish Parliament, served as Finance Minister in five Iraq governments until 1925 and thereafter as member of Parliament, unm

2.10 (Isaac) Jack ESKELL DAVID (1863-1941) of Manchester and Southport, m. Amelia Frances ..... and had issue

3.23 Marjorie (b.1901) m. James G. FINDLAY

3.24 Cicely

3.25 Audrey

2.11 (Haim) Henry ESKELL DAVID (1871-1935) of Manchester and Southport, unm

2.12 Rachel (or Simha) m. H. Moshe DANGOUR and had issue

3.26 Sion DANGOUR m. Hela, no issue

3.27 Meir DANGOUR unm

3.28 Joseph DANGOUR m. Marcelle dau of Eliahu Zegir HAKHAM SALEH (MOUALLEM) and had issue

4.35 Yvonne JURI

4.36 Clelia GATLEY

4.37 Giselle FATTAL

4.38 Linda SHAYA

4.39 Odile

3.29 Abdullah DANGOUR m.his cousin Flora (4.25) dau of Ezra Meir MENASHE (ZUBEIDA) and had issue

4.40 Moshe Maurice DANGOUR

4.41 Shaul Ivor DANGOUR

4.42 Clara

4.43 Ruth ABU-EL-TIMAN

3.30 Lulu m. Abdullah Eliahu KEDOURIE and had issue

4.44 Professor Elie KEDOURIE, CBE (1926-1992), writer on the history and politics of the modern Middle East, m. Sylvia HAIM

4.45 Maurice KEDOURIE

3.31 Farha m. Abdullah Abraham HILLEL and had issue

4.46 Abraham

4.47 Edward

4.48 Victor

4.49 Violet LAWI

4.50 Jamil

3.32 Chahla m. ..... KHTAINA and had issue

4.51 Isaac

4.52 Anwar

4.53 Naim

3.33 Khatoun unm

2.13 Salha m. Sasson Saleh DANIEL (1861-1937) and had issue

3.34 (Khedouri) Frederick DANIEL (1890- ) unm

3.35 (Saleh) Charles DANIEL (1892-1921)

3.36 Selim DANIEL (1894- ) m. his cousin Flora (no.4.34) dau of Joseph DAVID

3.37 Regina (1896- ) m. Saleh-Haim SOLOMON son of Shlomo Abdullah SHLOMO

2.14 daughter m. Ezra DAVID and had issue

3.38 Reuben

2.15 daughter m. Nissim Eliya


1.4 Moshe Joseph Ezra Shlomo David (d.1888), in 1869 became chief undertaker, m. Hezkena SMOUHA (d.1901) and had issue (2.16 - 2.20)

2.16 Heskel (succeeded as chief undertaker)

2.17 Aaron

2.18 Sasson

2.19 Shaul

2.20 (possible son) Jacob m. Khatoun dau of Ezra NISAN

2.21 (daughter or sister of Moshe 1.4) Toba m. (as his 1st wife) Eliahu Shoua BEKHOR and had issue (see SADKA tree published in The Scribe 67, April 1997, pp 32-33)


Based on Naim Dangoor's archives and information supplied by Bertha Fattal, Sylvia Kedourie, Heskel Menashe and Lydia Collins



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