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In reference to your e-mail and August mailing - all received. Thank you for the information; it is very interesting.

The information from myself to generation no. 6 is from word of mouth and family history from my grandmother. From gen no. 7 onto gen no. 35 was found through the Mormon church information, in the ancestoral files that they have. From gen no. 36 onto gen no. 50 was found in the international genealogical files found at the Mormon website ( This information was posted by:

John Feagin Sr.
9632 Rocksparkle Row
USA 21045

I have written him a letter and have not received a response, nor do I have any other way of getting a hold of him. I came across this information looking for the ancestors of gen no. 35 and have not come across any other information. But, as I have only been doing this for a little more than a year, that may change.

I have never heard of this book. Why is it debatable? Why is it doubtful that there could be Jewish settlers in France? Toulouse borders Spain. I have found information that states that the Count Raymond of Toulouse was a very prominent and powerful man who had several descendants that married into Royal families (Biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine). I suppose I do not find this information to be improbable.

Anyway, as far as paper in my hand-proof of this line, I have yet to receive information from the person who posted it in the website. I also hope that it is not false.

Thank you for your time.

Annessa Main



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